Why is Ashwagandha such a great herb?


You are not alone if you didn’t even know what Ashwagandha is!



It is simply an ancient and awesome herb.


Ashwagandha, having the Latin name of Withania somnifera, translated as “a smell of horse”,  is aptly named because it is a powerful rejuvenating herb, adding to life longevity.

It also has a reputation for providing “the virility of a horse” supporting healthy sexual function for both men and women.

Animal tests suggest that supplementing with Ashwagandha significantly improves athletic performance. A study of rats found that they were able to swim twice as long as they normally could when they were given the herb.

Ashwagandha has been used in India for centuries to boost the immune system, and studies show that it can aid the body in a number of ways, including to combat the physical effects of stress, improve learning and memory, and even offer relief for those who suffer from anxiety and depression.

It is most commonly used for its effects on mental health. It promotes a sense of calm and relaxation while nourishing the nervous system, which can get overworked when we’re stressed.

The use of Ashwagandha dates all the way back to 6000 BC.

“Indian ginseng” has become a pseudonym for Ashwagandha because of its rejuvenating properties , although Ashwagandha is actually part of the nightshade family, and is more closely related to the tomato.

Ashwagandha, with its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties, is good for cardiovascular health problems. It strengthens the heart muscles and can also control cholesterol.

In cases of hypothyroidism, Ashwagandha can be used to stimulate the thyroid gland. A study on Ashwagandha’s effects on the thyroid gland revealed that the root extract if given on a daily basis, would increase the secretion of thyroid hormones.

In other words, Ashwagandha is very good for your health and one of Nature’s true legacies.


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