Understanding Allergies

An allergy is an exaggerated or mistaken reaction of your immune system in response to bodily contact with a particular substance that is actually harmless to your body.

Allergies come in a variety of forms and can be anywhere from mildly bothersome to life-threatening.

Allergies may flare up and subside throughout your life.

An allergic reaction happens when your immune system attacks something harmless as if it were a threat.

You may be able to get allergy relief by building up your defenses against them.

So how does the immune system come up with this exaggerated or mistaken reaction?

The immune system is the body’s organized defense mechanism against foreign invaders. Its job is to:

  • Recognize and react to foreign substances.
  • Mobilize its forces and destroy the enemy.

However, if your immune system has been weakened, its ability to distinguish between the “good guys” and the “bad guys” becomes impaired. It becomes hyper-vigilant and begins seeing danger everywhere. It ends up sending out way too many antibodies to fight substances, many of which aren’t even harmful.

These antibodies release histamine and this over-production of histamine is what causes almost all your symptoms.

Pills only give temporary allergy relief.  You can focus on taking anti-histamines in all their various forms—and suffering from the side-effects, including on-going financial expense. Or you can find out what has been compromising your immune system to begin with and discover natural ways to find allergy relief.

The following herbs can alleviate symptoms of an allergy attack and build your immunity to resist future attacks.

Turmeric – a powerful anti-inflammatory. It removes excess mucus in the sinuses and helps to heal the respiratory tissue.
Black Pepper – a good treatment for respiratory conditions. It is an expectorant, as well as saving strong anti-inflammatory properties. Black Pepper helps in extraction of dried phlegm and thus provides relief when there is phlegm stuck in the respiratory tract.
Aloe – helps to provide relief from allergies and hay fever due to pollen, dander, chemicals, perfume, dust mites, foods, molds, etc.   By taking Aloe daily, you are providing the body with needed protein and flavonoids. Campesterol, B-sitosterol, lupeol, and salicylic acid help to promote additional allergy relief.
Cayenne pepper –  has the power to soothe inflammation and bloating that comes from allergies, food sensitivities and infections. Cayenne pepper can reduce allergic reaction without OTC medication. Spices such as cayenne and chili pepper contain capsaicin which helps reduce nasal congestion and stuffiness.
Nettle Leaf  – a common natural allergy relief remedy. It eliminates allergic rhinitis. Sufferers can use a combination of nettle taken orally to tackle the eczema internally.
Origanum – helps you feel better when you’re dealing with the typical symptoms of allergies. Taking this supplement will also reduce the amounts of histamines found in the blood (this is the chemical that causes swelling and allergic reaction).

Nature’s Legacies provide and excellent product called ‘Allergy Fight’ which contains a combination of 12 herbs especially selected to target allergies and strength the immune system.



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