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Wild Dagga
Leonotis leonurus
Lion’s tail


Composition of Wild Dagga
Wild dagga has an amazing array of applications and a very strong connection with South African people. This plant is widely used in traditional medicines to treat a wide range of ailments.
The properties of Wild dagga flowers make this plant an appealing legal alternative to cannabis.

Health benefits of Wild Dagga


The main active component leonurine has both antioxidant and cardioprotective properties and has shown to significantly improve myocardial function.
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Arthritis and Gout
The aqueous leaf extract of L. leonurus possesses antinociceptive, antiinflammatory, and hypoglycemic properties, and thus lend pharmacological credence to the suggested folkloric uses of the herb in the management and/or control of painful, arthritic, and other inflammatory conditions.
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Calming and sedating sensations are felt when taking Wild Dagga. It has calming and relaxing properties.
Wild Dagga is normally considered to be like a “marijuana alternative” herb. It gives a very nice and quite powerful “buzz”. It is  an herb which gives some kind of mental, emotional, or mood changing or altering effect.  Legal, safe, harmless and non-additive. . It can be useful and an aid for people suffering from otherwise a feeling of dullness or staleness or boredom.
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History of Wild Dagga

Leonotis leonurus, also known as lion’s tail and wild dagga, is a plant species in the Lamiaceae family. The plant is a broadleaf evergreen large shrub native to South Africa and southern Africa, where it is very common. Wild dagga (Leonotis leonurus), also known as Lion’s tail, is a large broadleaf evergreen shrub belonging to the mint family (Lamiaceae). Native to South Africa.
Wild dagga is commonly referred to as ‘wild cannabis’.
The fact that this plant has been traditionally used for such a long time is testament to its amazing properties.




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