Swedish Bitters


 Swedish bitters is a remedy for many and diverse ailments.


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Swedish Bitters

This recipe for the original Swedish Bitters was found among the writtings of the well-known Swedish physician, rector of medicine, Dr. Samst. He died in his 104th year in a riding accident. His parents and grandparents all reached a patriarchal age.
The benefit  of taking of Swedish bitters sounds  almost like a fairy story, but it is true!
Swedish Bitters (also known as Swedish Herbs) (Schwedenbitter) have been around since the middle 1500’s. This mixture was invented as a digestive supplement, but it’s effects far outweigh the original intent a thousand fold.
The wonderful healing power of this herb mixture is shown in the above text of the “old manuscript.” It can be said, and rightly so, that there is hardly any illness where Swedish Herbs are not of benefit, or at least is effective as a basis for every treatment.

The Directions
Internally: Prophylactics are taken according to the “Old Manuscript ” in the morning and evening, 1 teaspoonful diluted with water. For indisposition of any kind, 3 tablespoons diluted with water can be taken.
For serious diseases: 2 to 3 tablespoons are taken as follows: 1 tablespoon diluted with half a cup of herbal tea, half of it is sipped half an hour before and the other half an hour after each meal.
Compress : According to area, a piece of cotton wool or gauze is moistened with Swedish Bitters and applied to the affected area which has been well covered with lard or Calendula ointment. A slightly larger piece of plastic is put over it to prevent the clothes from getting stained. Then a cloth is wound around or a bandage is used.


Used as a laxative. Also for burns, sunburn, wounds and insect bites. Tonic for the female reproductive system. Helps expel worms.



 Stimulates the production of white blood corpuscles and has a direct anti-microbial effect therefore helping the natural process of defence. Used for mouth infections eg. ulcers and gingivitis. Also for boils and wounds. Problems of the sinus, pharynx, larynx and respiratory system. Used in treatment of glandular fever and the common cold. Helps support the digestive system especially with flatulence.


Sedative. Relieves flatulence and stimulates the appetite, regulates menstrual flow and uterine haemorrhaging

Senna Leaf

Mainly used in the treatment of constipation.


Respiratory stimulant and cardiac tonic. Calms the nerves and is used to counter rheumatism.

Rhubarb Root

Used to treat constipation. Its astringent effect cleanses the digestive tract, removing debris. Antiseptic.


Used for flatulence, colic and debility of the digestive organs.


Gentle laxative and tonic.


Theriac venezian
Used as an antidote for venomous bites.

Carline Thistle root

Used to treat bronchitis, prostate problems and rheumatism. Is a diuretic, tonic, stomachic and antibiotic.


Angelica root
Used for coughs and colds, pleurisy and bronchitis, influenza and fevers. Eases intestinal colic and flatulence. Has been used in anorexia nervosa. Helps ease rheumatic inflammations as well as cystitis. Helps the skin eliminate toxins.


Important: All stated amounts of Swedish Bitters should be taken diluted with herb tea or water.

It can be said, and rightly so, that there is hardly any illness where Swedish Bitters is not of benefit, or at least is effective as a basis for every treatment.


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