Gallbladder – natural treatment for the gallbladder


Stimulates, cleanses and protects the gallbladder.
Stimulates bile and hydrochloric acid production.
Stimulate nervous system.
Strengthens immune system function.
Combats fatigue and exhaustion.

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Your liver makes bile, which helps to digest fats in the small intestine. It flows from the liver into the gallbladder for storage until needed. When that bile solidifies, the result is gallstones. Solidification occurs when concentrations of cholesterol or bilirubin in the bile become too high, and they precipitate out of solution and form crystals.


Each bottle of Gallbladder contains 60 Veggie capsules.
Dosage: 1 capsule morning and evening for best results.
An assortment of the purest herbs and spices have been combined to provide maximum benefit.

Each capsule contains: Potassium, Iron, Copper,  Magnesium, Calcium, Vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, C, E and K.


Gentian root
Gentian root supports liver function as well as being a fungicide.  Its bitter principles stimulate the secretion of both gastric juices and bile. Gentian root  increases and prolongs gall bladder emptying. It also helps to enhance protein and fat digestion. This herb is particularly beneficial for people who have been exposed to environmental toxins, are in the habit of consuming alcohol, eat a large amount of meat or have high cholesterol levels.
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Milk Thistle
Milk thistle has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and is commonly used to detoxify the body, especially the liver. It benefits  by drawing toxins out of the body that can cause a range of symptoms and diseases — including gall bladder disorders. While it has many different benefits, milk thistle is most well-known for being a natural liver supporter and detoxifier. 
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Dandelion helps promote bile excretion from the liver so the body can more efficiently metabolize fat. Dandelion Leaf is also effective at stimulating a sluggish gallbladder, which is responsible for storing and excreting bile as the body needs it. As such, dandelion leaf is effective at promoting blood purity and lessening the burden on the liver.
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Goldenseal has been used actively since ancient times to cure the problem of Gallstones. Goldenseal is a very bitter herb and is very effective in stimulating the liver to produce more bile juice. This helps in decreasing the concentration of bile in the gallbladder, thereby preventing the formation of Gallstones.
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Wild Yam
Besides its hormonal activity, wild yam has anti-spasmodic, anti-inflammatory and cholagogue (stimulates flow of bile from the gall bladder) properties.  It reduces spasms, assisting with gallbladder colic, muscle cramps, spasmodic asthma, intestinal cramps and irritable bowel syndrome.
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Garlic can reduce  the incidence of cholesterol gallstones and helped shrink existing gallstones. Garlic appears to work by reducing the concentration of cholesterol in bile. Garlic helps reduce cholesterol gall stone formation.
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.Nettle Leaf
Nettle has the ability to detoxify the body, improve metabolic efficiency, boost immune health, increase circulation, improve energy levels and protect kidney and gallbladder health.  Stinging nettle has long been known as a diuretic substance. It has nephridic qualities, meaning that it can help to break down stones in the kidney and gallbladder, preventing those painful conditions from worsening.   
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Ginger has been reported to increase bile secretion and could be correlated with the formation of gallbladder stones.
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100% pure and organic.
No preservatives or fillers added.
Advanced nutrition, lifestyle and functional remedy.
Exclusive use of 100% plant cellulose vegan caps imported from Belgium.
The purest ingredients have been sourced worldwide from accredited suppliers.
The products are mixed, encapsulated and bottled under controlled conditions in South Africa.
We recommend that you consult with a qualified healthcare practitioner before using herbal products, particularly if you are pregnant, nursing, or on any medications.


Supporting documents in respect of our products are available on request.
These include: ISO 9001, Kosher certification, Halal certification , product authenticity.


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