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Hydrastis Canadensis

also called orangeroot or yellow puccoon, is a perennial herb in the buttercup family


Composition of Goldenseal

Goldenseal contains berberine, which has  been proven to be antimicrobial, anti-tumor, anti-inflammatory and blood glucose–lowering.


Health Benefits of Goldenseal

Goldenseal is an excellent digestive aid since it is very bitter, which stimulates the appetite, aids digestion and encourages bile secretion. Goldenseal can also be helpful to people experiencing small intestine bacterial overgrowth, stomach swelling (gastritis), peptic ulcers, ulcerative colitis, diarrhea, constipation, hemorrhoids and intestinal gas.
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Goldenseal is often found in herbal remedies for allergies, colds, and the flu because of its natural antibiotic and immune-boosting capabilities. One study found that goldenseal might help boost white blood cells, which is a measure of the infection-fighting ability of the immune system.
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Goldenseal is also recommended to treat urinary tract infections.
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Many herbalists recommend Goldenseal to people with diabetes because of its reputation of helping lower blood sugars and the belief that it has a stimulating effect on the beta cells of the pancreas. Goldenseal is a popular addition to many herbal products designed to help lower blood glucose levels, increase insulin sensitivity and support the pancreas.
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Goldenseal has a very astringent effect when used topically, which makes it an excellent choice for topical use on hemorrhoids. It is also known to help alleviate inflammation in hemorrhoids and to have a soothing effect. Some people find that using it as a wash for acne is also very helpful.
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Liver and Gallbladder
Goldenseal has been used actively since ancient times to cure the problem of Gallstones. Goldenseal is a very bitter herb and is very effective in stimulating the liver to produce more bile juice. This helps in decreasing the concentration of bile in the gallbladder, thereby preventing the formation of Gallstones.
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Goldenseal is a key herb to use with moderate blood moving activity and has profound anti-inflammatory benefits. It is also an excellent heat clearing herb for uterine infections. Goldenseal helps deal with the problem and the symptoms of infertility.
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History of Goldenseal

Goldenseal has a long established history for use as a medicinal plant among the native people of the north eastern United States. The Cherokee used it for treatment of cancer, “general debility,” “dyspepsia”, to improve appetite and as a tonic and wash for local inflammations.
In 1760 Miller brought a sample back to the old world (then known as Warnera) and it was grown at Kew, Edinburgh and Dublin. However, since the herb did not appeal to gardeners it never became a popular plant for cultivation in England.
It was not until 1798 that its medicinal virtues began to attract attention. From then on its reputation as a powerful healing herb spread, both in England and the United States, and by about 1850 it had become an important article of commerce.
The supply began to diminish, both from over collection, but even more so due to deforestation of its natural habitat. In 1991 it was officially recognized as an endangered species and by 1997 trade restrictions were being imposed in a belated attempt to save what was left of this once abundant species.




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