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Celery Seeds
Apium Graveolens


Composition of Celery Seeds

Celery Seeds are an excellent source of antioxidants and beneficial enzymes, in addition to vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin K, vitamin C, potassium, folate and vitamin B6.
The ancestor of celery is a plant called “Smallage” or “Wild Celery.” It is still grown in its own right in Asia, where they prefer the stronger flavour. From Smallage, two descendants evolved with the help of man. “Stem Celery”, the celery that we eat for its stalks, and “Celeriac”, the celery that we eat for its roots.
The seeds are taken from Smallage . One acre of plants will produce around (225 kg. Reputedly, it takes 760,000 seeds to weigh 1 pound. 


Health Benefits of Celery Seeds

  It’s commonly used to help the body eliminate water through urine, treat arthritis and gout, reduce menstrual cramps, decrease inflammation and lower blood pressure.


History of Celery Seeds

Used by the Greeks historically as a medicine and as a sign of victory. The Romans were the first to value it as a seasoning, and later it became a delicacy for Italians and French.
Celery seed is a derivative of a domesticated wild plant know as “smallage”. It was used by ancient Greeks and Romans for medicinal purposes. It was also believed to bring bad luck and was associated with funerals.
Used in Ayurvedic medicine to treat colds, flu, water retention, poor digestion, arthritis and disease, celery seed has been part of holistic health for thousands of years.








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