Natural and organic treatment for Acne

January 25th, 2018

I’m hoping you can assist me with my son. He has very severe acne which includes septic boils that he is now on antibiotics for. We’ve tried Roaccutane and various antibiotics, but nothing is helping. We got some Zinc tablets from the pharmacy because I’ve heard it can help, but he’s complaining that nothing works and he’s in pain.
I feel terrible because  I can’t comfort him. Can you recommend anything or would you have anything in stock that works for this perhaps?




We will send a pro biotic and some Zinc as well as the Acne Heal, some cream and a skin wash. Tell him to please keep his fingers well away from the sores as he seems to be spreading it. Tell him to relax, poor kid, help is on the way.


Sunday 18th February, 2018

I just wanted to give you an update on my son. Unfortunately it looks like he may have bad scarring but the boils have healed nicely 😊

Thanks so much, he’s been very good with the treatment. I really appreciate your help
You can use the before and after pics for this product 😘



So pleased about your son. He must keep taking the Acne Heal capsules to try to prevent another outbreak. It should help for the scarring as well.


Acne – natural organic treatment for acne

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